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      Oh, yes, yes! he said; very well; and he began talking to Trafford, as if he dreaded being drawn into a conversation about Esmeralda with Lord Selvaine.

      He looked, as he spoke, at the dust-stained figure and pale face.

      As he spoke, he drew his revolver from his belt and examined it with almost a listless air. It seemed as if in his own mind he were quite sure that he should exact the full penalty he deemed payable.

      God grant it! he said. Sheshe may not forgive me. Her love may have died."Oh, fully as much from his hundred and one other songs! Had he never sung to her--

      "No?" said Madame, still moving the needle and still in French. "Nevertheless, morning and evening together, our winnings are--how much?"I, too, loved her, he said, simply.


      It is for you to say, he said.


      You all thought of yourselves and your family pride, andnothing of me! she went on, after a pause. I was only a nobody, something little more than the girls who work in the fields: why, I am little better!