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      "And the idea of drugging the glass before pouring out the wine, thanks to you," said Balmayne. "I must get this chap through the garden and on the motor at once. Give me a few minutes' start, and he's not likely to trouble us again.""Yes, of course; mercy--and comfort--and every sort of unarmed aid--to rebels."

      "I'm not a patient man," Lawrence muttered, "but I could manage with a cigarette. Under the circumstances, perhaps I had better not."

      XXVIII OLDEST GAME ON EARTHThere was only one that he cared to see, and that was Hetty. In a curious way the girl's goodness and purity appealed strongly to him. As to his future he cared nothing. He wanted to know if anything had been seen of Leona Lalage, and when Hetty replied to the contrary he seemed to be greatly astonished.

      There was no acting here--at least not for the moment. Hetty's gentle heart was touched by the physical wreck before her. Here was a woman in distress who wanted the aid and assistance of a sister."I shall realise it presently," Bruce said at length. "My darling, I should never have had my good name cleared thus but for you. You are the bravest girl in the world. And all those dangers for me!"

      He stared at me and hushed. A panic was surging through me; must I be brought to book by such as he? "Mr. Gholson," I cried, all scorn without, all terror within; "Mr. Gholson, I--Mr. Gholson, sir!--" and set my jaws and heaved for breath."And the dances?" asked the Major.

      (1.) What peculiarity belongs to the operation of forging to distinguish it from most others?(2.) Describe in a general way what forging operations consist in.(3.) Name some machines having percussive action.(4.) What may this principle of operating have to do with the framing of a machine?(5.) If a steam-hammer were employed as a punching-machine, what changes would be required in its framing?(6.) Explain the functions performed by a hand-hammer.

      "Oh," said Arthur, his mouth opening wide. And then he stammered quickly, "that noise, you know."Maitrank groaned. He was still more or less childish over his loss.



      All that warm afternoon we paid the tiresome penalty of having pushed our animals too smartly at the outset. We grew sedate; sedate were the brows of the few strangers we met. We talked in pairs. When I spoke with Miss Harper the four listened. She asked about the evils of camp life; for she was one of that fine sort to whom righteousness seems every man's and woman's daily business, one of the most practical items in the world's affairs. And I said camp life was fearfully corrupting; that the merest boys cursed and swore and stole, or else were scorned as weaklings. Then I grew meekly silent and we talked in pairs again, and because I yearned to talk most with Camille I talked most with Estelle. Three times when I turned abruptly from her to Camille and called, "Hark!" the fagged-out horses halted, and as we struck our listening pose the bugle's faint sigh ever farther in our rear was but feebly proportioned to the amount of our gazing into each other's eyes.


      Hetty permitted herself the luxury of a smile at Gilbert's expense.