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      Lady Wyndover caught his hand, and looking up into his face, began to cry.

      Good gracious! Lady Wyndover exclaimed again. You frighten me! Do you mean to say that the girl is perfectly odious?

      Oh, that! said Lady Wyndover, immensely relieved. Never mind; we will look for it after you have gone. Where did you have it last?

      Im not worrying about it, she said, sinking on to the grass; and there isTrafford.


      She greeted him with the quiet nonchalance which we favor nowadays, the quietude and repose which must be observed though our hearts are breaking: and not until they had taken[152] two or three turns round the room did she speak; then she said:


      The diamonds, I think, my lady, said Barker. Your ladyship carries them so well; its very few ladies can wear diamonds; they always seem to be thinking of them, whereas your ladyship doesnt seem to know what you have on. And you ought to wear your best jewels to-night, your wedding-night, my lady.Pretty it was declared to be on all sides. Flora called it "a beautiful." Part of her charm was a Creole accent much too dainty for print. Anna and Greenleaf and the other couples regathered about the carriage, and Miss Valcour from her high seat smiled her enthusiasm down among them, exalting theirs. And now as a new movement of the battery followed, and now another, her glow heightened, and she called musically to Constance, Mrs. Callender and Anna, by turns, to behold and admire. For one telling moment she was, and felt herself, the focus of her group, the centre of its living picture. Out afield yet another manoeuvre was on, and while Anna and her suitor stood close below her helplessly becalmed each by each, Flora rose to her feet and caught a great breath of delight. Her gaze was on the glittering mass of men, horses, and brazen guns that came thundering across the plain in double column--Irby at its head, Kincaid alone on the flank--and sweeping right and left deployed into battery to the front with cannoneers springing to their posts for action.


      It was an unlucky speech.Esmeralda frowned again.