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      I knew that you must be very nice, said Lilias, or Trafford would not have But I did not know that you were so young and so pretty.

      Good-evening, he said.

      I rememberyes, he said. But was she startled?Your letter to her was given to me, said Trafford, almost inaudibly.

      She was silent a moment.

      He went upstairs and entered her room, and absently walked to the dressing-table. There still lay upon it the envelope addressed to him; for Barker had not noticed it, in the confusion of her discovery of Esmeraldas absence, and the greater confusion of the dukes death. He took it up, and with shaking hands opened it. The ring fell to the floor, and for a moment or two he seemed incapable of searching for it. When he had found it, he held it in the palm of his hand and gazed at it dully, as if it were something curious and unique; then its meaning bore down upon him, and with a groan he left the room, the ring clinched in his hand.

      Come back to me, Esmeralda! he said, almost inarticulately.


      And Ada Lancing, he said; how is she?"There is no 'unless.' There can't ever be any."


      Her partner bowed himself off, and the three were left alone.